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Junior Masters No-Gi

Age Range: 10 to 14 |  Experience Requirement: None

This martial arts class for Junior Masters No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu focuses on technique, discipline, respect, and fostering camaraderie among participants.

Does your child face any of these challenges?

  • Does your child struggle with discipline and respect in their activities?
  • Is your child seeking to improve technique in a supportive environment?
  • Are you noticing a lack of camaraderie in your child's current extracurricular pursuits?

How This Program Will Help Your Child

Keep Them Active

Does you struggle to maintain control of their movements and may be unintentionally destructive? If so this program will definitely benefit you.

Build Focus & Confidence

Learn effective communication through interaction with instructors and peers, creating strong bonds, promoting  and enhancing their ability to collaborate and build positive relationships.

Develop Self-Defense

Through consistent practice, following rules and routines, and setting personal goals, they learn to manage their behavior, develop a strong work ethic, and cultivate self-control.

Why the Kelowna Community Loves

Our Martial Arts Classes

Justin Law recommends New Level Grappling Academy

via Google

As an older BJJ beginner, I wasn’t sure what I was in for. The fundamentals program gave me a very solid base to be able to continue my BJJ journey in the advanced classes. The experience and knowledge of the coaches is excellent, and their passion for teaching and sharing knowledge is evident. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend New Level Grappling to anyone wanting to start training in BJJ, or even as a higher belt looking to up their game!

Kyle Clements recommends New Level Grappling Academy

via Google

Amazing atmosphere and energy in this gym! Its so easy to stay motivated training in a place like this and the instruction is truly world class. Could not recommend this gym enough for both beginners and seasoned vets.

Kaella Ubogi recommends New Level Grappling Academy

via Google

New Level Grappling is THE spot for jiu-jitsu in Kelowna! I've been training here since I was a kid, and now I'm part of the adults program. The atmosphere is top-notch - respectful and feels like family. Plus, the coaches are amazing. Highly recommend!

Art Dadson recommends New Level Grappling Academy

via Facebook

Fantastic group of guys and gals of all levels. Everyone was very receptive and welcoming and were happy to share their knowledge with me. I highly recommend giving RDC a try, you won't regret it!!

Melissa Alexis Turner recommends New Level Grappling Academy

via Facebook

I've been taking a women's kickboxing class at RDC for over a year. I love the class and it's an awesome club with awesome instructors! They are very knowledgeable and experienced in their craft.

Sylvester Abanseka recommends New Level Grappling Academy

via Google

From beginners to existing or advanced practitioners, if you are all about physical/ mental wellness and great camaraderie all wrapped up in world class teaching and learning of BJJ skills/techniques, then I recommend you look no further than New Level Grappling Academy where you can be transformed from a beginner to a confident grappler within a few months or just polishing and enhancing existing techniques!

Andrew Thiessen recommends New Level Grappling Academy

via Google

Amazing Brazilian Jujitsu Club! It all starts from the top down with high level skilled instructors. They are not just accomplished competitors but very knowledgeable instructors as well. Each instructor is always striving and learning to make themselves better, which then they pass it onto the students that make the club members better. You can tell the instructors truly love the sport and Martial Art that Brazilian Jujitsu is.

Also, the environment is very friendly, but encourages hard work and self improvement, and really feels like a family. I can't say enough good things about this club and how it has improved my personal Brazilian Jujitsu skills and also improved my life overall.

Brandon Ringer (Brandito) recommends New Level Grappling Academy

via Google

If you’re looking for a high level jiu jitsu experience with a fun and supporting atmosphere this is the place to go! I’ve been training with sterling for the past 15 years and throughout my jiu jitsu experience I’ve never met a coach with so much passion and knowledge for the sport.

Program & Pricing FAQs

My child isn't athletic. Can he/she still participate in martial arts?

Absolutely. Martial arts teaches kids to be coordinated, flexible and strong. Kids who don't naturally have these qualities develop them. Kids who do have these qualities develop them even more.

Are these martial arts classes fun?

Yes! After all, these are children we're dealing with here. And kids love their fun. We do a variety of games and activities that have kids laughing and smiling. We work hard here - but we play just as hard.

What's a good age for a child to start martial arts?

Honestly, practically every age is a good age to start! We have young children, as well as teenagers. We also have specific programs for adults. So no matter what age - we've got you covered.

Can martial arts cause injury?

Because we place such a huge focus on safety and injury prevention, we're proud to say that injuries are very few and far between with our program. In fact, because martial arts gets you in great shape, and makes you strong and flexible, people often see LESS injuries in their lives.

Do you have to be in good shape to take martial arts?

Not at all! In fact, many people use martial arts as a way to get in good shape. They come to us out of shape, and quickly become athletic and limber.

Is martial arts violent?

No! Because self-defense technique is taught in martial arts, it's often thought of as violent. However, the philosophies behind martial arts revolve around peace and harmony. The moves are more of a way to become connected with your body. We teach diplomacy and friendship. However, if a violent situation ever arises in your life, you'll have powerful tools to defend yourself and your loved ones.

More Confidence. More Focus. Get Fit.

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